Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Have you tried this?

Hello there,

A few months ago, thanks to my PJism (product junkie -ism ha ha), i bought a conditioner from Origins after i learned how to read the list of ingredients used in our hair products. I might have used it once and then put it aside. This week i was looking into my stash (yes that's the right word) and to be honest i completely forgot about it.

Let me introduce you: Origins knot free

The list of ingredients is impressive as there is no harsh chemicals in there. And it smells "clean" like a Savon de Marseille. it has a good slip and does the job: eliminating the knot.
It is not cheap :( (about £13) but knowing myself i will probably buy it again!!


Friday, 21 August 2009


Hey ladies!!!
If you are like me and you are lurking on NC (Naturally Curly) everyday (or any othey forum)to check out new products, already noticed that most of the products the ladies are referring to are quite difficult to get hold of here!

Now the other day i was doing a bit of research and came across the Bristish Curlies website ( where you can find Curls products and also the Kinky Curly range.I ordered mine and received them in 2 days!!!Go on, get yours!xxxx